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200 mm (8-inch) fully automatic back grinding laminating system


1. Fully automatic BG tape laminator based on the latest technology.

2. The TTC method*, highly acclaimed when used in conjunction with the wafer mounting system during the dicing process, is employed eliminating tension generated to the surface protection tape. No stress is caused to the wafer during tape lamination, ensuring the optimum result of thin wafer back-grinding.

3. A tape chip generation mechanism has been discovered during the development stage of the tape cutting system. This creates a dust-free environment during the tape cutting process, leading to elimination of wafer breaks during the back-grinding process.

4. Maintenance free and highly reliable machine based on our engineering know-how and experience obtained during development of the wafer mounting system for the dicing process.

5. The greatest emphasis is placed on machine safety from design to assembly stages, conforming to SEMI safety guidelines.

6. Designed so that the machine can meet SECS, SECS, GEM specifications, leading to easy upgrading and establishment of an online system.

*TTC method: A method that optimally controls tape tension by the micro computer when laminating the tape.



To laminate the surface protection tape before back-grinding the rear surface of the wafer

Unit Size

1280(W) X 1290(D) X 1550(H) mm

Processing Capacity


Applicable Wafer Size

200mm (8 inch)

150mm (6 inch)

125mm (5 inch)

Applicable Tape Size